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Why choose us and not someone else? Because it benefits you!

Well, it's quite simple, really. Look what you get:

30+ megs of disk space (more then enough to make a lot of money with your adult site!)

FTP account (unlike with most other free hosting companies)

PHP4 and MySql Support (This is unique and unprecedented among free hosting companies!!!! NO ONE offers this!! Not even most PAY hosting companies! With PHP you can have your own top100, tgp, CJ, or anything else you want!!!)

Hosting for .COM, .NET, .ORG, or international domain names on demand! If you need one of these hosted, please click here.

No FORCED banners ( we are only including a background console on a page)

Fast Dual Servers, Fast T3 Line, Reliable hosting! (more so then most PAID hosting companies; we know that from experience)

Unlimited Bandwidth, WE pay for it!

No Monthly Fees EVER, No Setup Charges

Free Content! Yes, free content to start your site quickly. We pay for it!

Multilanguage technical support!

Hint. Our hosting is one of the best around, because...

...We know that you are here to MAKE MONEY, and we will not deny you this right, as most others do, by stealing 20% or more of your traffic with forced banners. All we do is open a simple window which will be on the background of the surfer's main browser window, so he will not see it until he actually LEAVES your site! This means, NO LOST TRAFFIC! Everybody wins, including the surfer!!

See, this way, you don't lose ANYTHING! Only after a visitor has left your page, he will see a little advertisement from us. Unlike the banners in other free hosting companies, this doesn't hurt you AT ALL, because the person has already left! Of course, soon we will also support the traditional way of adding banners on the site, but who would want that is they can have something much better?

...We are a new, dynamic company, so you will get constantly improving service, new features added almost on a daily basis, and things that other companies wouldn't even dream of such as free traffic, FULLY customizable statistics, and much much much more! We are working on new ideas all the time! 

Please HELP us to identify child porn sites, if you find any on our server! Report them to us and we will delete them immediately.
Please report any abuse (child pornography&pedophilie, zoophilie, spam, cheating) abuse@coolfreehost.com


Type a word, phrase, or name in the first box, then select a domain name ending from the menu in the second box. It's quick, easy & totally free!! Nothing to pay ever!!

Please select desired subdomain

Using the account and password emailed to you, use any ftp client to connect to our FTP site. Use your_site_url as a host name for FTP connection.
Upload your content directly in to the directory that opens when you connect, no need to create directories such as "html" etc. Everything you send there will be seen "AS-IS" on the internet via
In order to use PHP, your scripts must have one of the following extensions: .php, .php3 or .phtml. That's it. Upload then and they will work!

After you have created your 
site, and have a few or no visitors on it, join Russian Kiss Top 100 to immediately jump-start the traffic flow to your site. With Russian Kiss Top 100 you will get 300-500% the traffic you send it! It's one of the best and bigget legal top100 sites there is!

After you finish creating your site, uploading it on coolfreehost.com and registering it with russiankiss.com - it's time to find some sponsors, or the people who will pay you for promoting their sites.

First, select a sponsor from our Sponsors List that suits you and your traffic best. Read their terms and conditions carefully, place their banners on your pages and then get ready to spend a LOT of time counting your money. :-)

You see, it's easy! Good luck!!

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Legal Disclaimer
As a service provider, we are not responsible in ANY WAY for any content
that is hosted on any of our servers by any of our members.
All members are responsible for their own content.

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